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COVID 19 has presented everybody with a great deal of stress. These are troubling times for everyone. From a firefighter’s point of view we have a lot of things to consider like, being away from our loved one, the current health of our own families, exposure to the virus, financial implications just to name a few. Many of us may want to stick to utilizing our default defense mechanism of minimizing the severity of a situation. The COVID 19 panic that we see the rest of the world going through is not who we are.

On shift, with each other, we can provide that reassurance that everybody is overreacting. It’s just the flu. It no big deal. We mask up and continue to do our jobs. But, then we start to see more and more posts on social media. We see first-hand panicky mob mentality that starts to infiltrate our community. Store shelves are empty and guns and ammo purchases are on the rise. The markets are fluctuating dramatically and this looks to threaten our retirement safety nets (which will be fine in a few years). But, all these new truths start to chip away at our resolve. It can become increasingly difficult to use our default emotional defenses.

As we are on shift, our families worry. They may ask for reassurance and emotional support and our default responses can’t be suck it up buttercup. We may need to push past the  “no F's left to give” emotional response and tap into the responses we give when shit hits the fan. ...Not our faults by the way. We are hard wired to have this ability to maintain a long and healthy career. Encourage you to be there for eachother to help normalize our current situation as it is fastly evolving each day.

So, as we push through this pandemic. We at Firestrong would like to provide you with some information to help you and your family.

We all know about Self-Care. We don’t want to hit you over the head with yet another list of things you already remind the people we run calls on.

But remember:

  • Talk to your families let them know how you are protecting yourself and them and why you are doing specific things or asking them to make certain decisions etc.

  • There are procedures in place to keep us safe.  

  • Keep communication flowing. 

  • Don’t assume that your families know why you are doing or thinking something.

  • Make sure they know how you are keeping yourself safe and them. 

  • Realize that some of the National guidelines are causing financial issues, family and relationship tension, retirement concerns, sleep or anxiety issues.

Also resources:

  • Many therapists are moving their practice to utilize video based platforms for teletherapy counseling. If you think this would help you or your family please reach out to your EAP or healthcare provider. They will help you to connect to a therapist online. If things get too stressful for you please reach out to a Firestrong Peer Support Team Member. We have over 1000 of them now.
  • If you need to access a clinical support staff please email
  • If you or someone you love is in Crisis and they need to talk to a clinical professional immediately call our Firestrong 24/7 support line 1.844.525.3473.


PEER SUPPORT TEAM: Checking In With Quarantined and Isolated Members






Managing anxiety with when face with COVID-19 pandemic:


Grief during COVID-19, Saying Goodbye to loved ones:


Here is a link from the IAFF on Coronavirus Behavioral Health Considerations.


Here is a link from the CDC on exposure risk assessment. As this brings another level of uncertainty and anxiety on what it means to come into contact and possible contract COVID 19. Hopefully by wearing the proper PPE we can minimize our risk.

The CDC has come up some guidelines to put our minds at ease on the possibility of getting COVID 19.


Here is a link on the common symptoms of COVID-19 vs other illnesses.




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Link for ONLINE Meeting for both AA and meeting for ANXIETY around COVID




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